Project Implementation for the Class of 2016

Implementation of Peace Education Projects for the Class of 2016!   Earlier this year, Saleha implemented her “Oleander Peace Museum” project that brought the lessons of Hiroshima to over 200 students in Algeria.   Website of the Oleander Peace Museum Over three years, Saleha faced stubborn administrative obstacles, complex logistics and funding challenges. However, Saleha was determined to […]

The Multiplier Effect: Oleander Alumni Implement Teacher Training Workshops around the World

One of the most amazing aspects of the Oleander Initiative is the teachers dedication in transmitting their message of peace throughout the US and the MENA region. Over the past three years, Oleander educators have trained over 780 additional teachers in the US and MENA region. These teachers have the potential to impact well over 180,000 students.   In […]

A Journey into the Heart of Peace Education in Hiroshima: 2018 Oleander Initiative Report

A Journey into the Heart of Peace Education in Hiroshima:  2018 Oleander Initiative Report   Oleander Initiative Educators at the Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, August 6, 2018  During the last day of the 2018 Oleander Initiative, our teachers from throughout the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region and the United States had the honor of meeting Mr. […]

Congressman McGovern Endorses Oleander Initiative

UME is proud to announce that MA Congressman James McGovern, one of the leading US political figures in peace promotion and human rights, has endorsed the Oleander Initiative. Please click HERE to see his full bio.   Congressman James McGovern of Massachusetts (2nd District) His letter praising the Oleander Initiative can be found below.    

Oleander Alumni on Tour in North Africa: Spreading Hiroshima’s Message of Peace

Spreading Hiroshima‘s Message of Peace: Oleander Alumni on Tour in North Africa   I just returned to Boston from an inspiring week in North Africa with Oleander Initiative alumni – Eric from the US, Layla from Tunisia and Samia from Morocco.  Together, we presented Oleander inspired peace education lesson plans to over 200 educators and university students in […]