The Multiplier Effect: Oleander Alumni Implement Teacher Training Workshops around the World

One of the most amazing aspects of the Oleander Initiative is the teachers dedication in transmitting their message of peace throughout the US and the MENA region. Over the past three years, Oleander educators have trained over 780 additional teachers in the US and MENA region. These teachers have the potential to impact well over 180,000 students.


In February, 2018, three Oleander educators from Morocco, Tunisia and the United States banded together to embark on a teacher training tour throughout North Africa. Partially sponsored by the US Embassy of Tunis, they presented peace education lesson plans to over 200 educators.



Click HERE for more details about this teacher training tour

Throughout 2018, Oleander educators from Beirut, Lebanon to Bennington, Vermont spread the Oleander Initiative’s message of peace.



Aline, a 2017 Oleander alumna training teachers in Brumanna, Lebanon


In September, 2018, Aline trained approximately 100 teachers in Oleander inspired peace education lesson plans in Burmanna, Lebanon. She plans to implement further workshops in 2019.



Ron, a 2018 Oleander alumnus training teachers at Bennington College in Vermont, USA

IN November, 2018, Ron trained approximately 25 teachers from around the New England area at Bennington College in collaboration with the Five Colleges Consortium Ron’s lesson plan entitled:

“Teaching War and Peace Through Photos from Nagasaki and Hiroshima–Joe O’Donnell’s Japan 1945: A U.S. Marine’s Photographs from Ground Zero”

Can downloaded HERE

UME is proud of its alumni for spreading the message of peace from Hiroshima to around the world!


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