Train the Trainer Workshops

2007 TTW in Rabat, Morocco

The 2007 Train-the-Trainer Workshop (TTW), Morocco, was a highly interactive, hands-on, two-day pilot workshop which took place 10-11 November 2007. It was designed for twenty-four Moroccan teachers to enhance their pedagogies and skills for effective educational workshops. The TTW was a joint program of the University of the Middle East Project (UME) Boston office and the Association of Moroccan Alumni (AMA). The TTW was held at the offices of UNESCO in Agdal-Rabat, Morocco.


TTW Morocco 2007 sought to further the principles and ideas covered during the Teacher Education Institute (TEI), expand the network of TEI teachers across the country, act as a pilot to construct a framework for other TEI alumni associations throughout the MENA region, and strengthen the newly established AMA, galvanizing its potential and reinforcing its relationship with its constituents.

The academic component of TTW was prepared in close collaboration with Yamila Hussein of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, who ran the two-day-workshop.


TTW trained twenty-four Moroccan high school teachers interested in training other teachers throughout the country to promote collaboration and social justice in their schools and communities:

All participants attended all workshop sessions and provided mutual support and feedback on the alumni’s presentations during and after the TTW.



2009 TTW in Amman, Jordan

The University of the Middle East Project’s (UME) Train-the-Trainer Workshop (TTW) was a two-phase, practical and intellectual training for Jordanian alumni of UME’s Teacher Education Institute. It was conducted in coordination with UNESCO and the Jordanian Ministry of Education.  In the first phase of the TTW, participants learned how to enhance their strategies and styles of instruction, so as to better bridge theory with practice, in order to conduct more effective pedagogical trainings. The second phase included steps, tips, and specific methods geared toward training teacher trainers from the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

The Jordan TTW sought to further the principles and ideas covered during the Teacher Education Institute (TEI); to expand the network of teachers across the country that apply UME principles of critical and creative thinking, civic engagement, and inclusivity in their teaching.  The TTW was also designed to strengthen the newly established Jordanian Alumni Association, galvanizing its potential and reinforcing its relationship with its constituents.

During the four half-day workshops of the TTW, each Jordanian UME alumni developed further the pedagogical training proposed in their applications. These trainings were based on their pre-existing design from a previous UME institute (TEI, CEW, CAI, IDEAmed), or one they designed independently of UME.  All of the proposed trainings were relevant and adaptable to a variety of school environments in Jordan, taking into consideration local issues and available resources.

At the December 13th workshop, participants further developed the rationale, content, and choice of methodologies in their pedagogical trainings through close work in a non-formal, low-risk, learning environment with TTW instructor Maura Clarke and through feedback from other participants. 

The January 10th and 11th workshop focused on participants’ instructional style, their presentation skills, and their delivery through high-energy, interactive sessions with Joshua Marmol, improving their trainings so as to be clearer, more effective, and engaging for all audiences.