Oleander Alumni on Tour in North Africa: Spreading Hiroshima’s Message of Peace

Spreading Hiroshima‘s Message of Peace: Oleander Alumni on Tour in North Africa


I just returned to Boston from an inspiring week in North Africa with Oleander Initiative alumni – Eric from the US, Layla from Tunisia and Samia from Morocco.  Together, we presented Oleander inspired peace education lesson plans to over 200 educators and university students in Tunisia and Morocco.



Our first stop was the US Embassy in Tunis where we presented to over 40 Tunisian Ministry of Education administrators and secondary school teachers.



Oleander alumni with US embassy personnel

Hosted by the US embassy, this all day study day included lectures and interactive presentations on key Oleander topics. To view the full schedule at the embassy website, click HERE.


Eric presenting “Resources for Developing Global Consciousness in Students”



Tunisian educators designing theoretical peace education projects for their schools


From Tunisia, the group traveled together to Casablanca, Morocco and presented to over 100 students in the fields of education, cultural studies and English at Ben M’Sik University.

Group Photo at Ben M’Sik University in Casablanca




Layla leading “untangling conflicts” activity


Our last stop was Universite’ Internationale de Rabat (UIR), where we joined UIR faculty for a one day academic seminar for faculty, administrators and students.



UIR Seminar Poster



Samia presenting “Empathy in EFL Contact Zones” at the UIR Seminar



Oleander alumni and UIR faculty group photo


Special thanks to Abdelmajid Bouziane at Ben M’Sik University, Abdesslame Jebli at UIR and Moustapha Mohibe of the AMA for their invaluable assistance in Casablanca and Rabat.


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