Scholarships Available to UME Alumni for Conflict Resolution Workshop

Scholarships Available to UME Alumni for Conflict Resolution Workshop UME has partnered with Nonviolent Schools RI to bring our alumni a 20-hour workshop about conflict and how to address it using the strategies employed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in August 2022. There are seven 2 hour 45 min online sessions on August 2, […]

UME Year End Report

2021 Year End Report and Request for Support Please donate to UME  by clicking HERE I hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health this holiday season. 2021 marked another year without UME in-person programs. After implementing 50 programs for over 2500 participants over the past two decades, it felt strange not to […]

UME Mid Year Report

UME Mid-Year Report In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UME Oleander Initiative launched the Hiroshima Peace and Resilience Project (HPRP) in February, 2021. Since then, two presentation teams have travelled around the world (United States, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Northern Ireland, Japan and Australia) virtually to implement a combined 23 HPRP workshops for over 650 participants. Students at Universite […]

Live Presentation of the Hiroshima Resilience Project on Feb 4h

Register for the Hiroshima Peace + Resilience Project: February 4 @ 7 PM EST Click HERE for information about the UME Oleander Initiative On  Feb 4, 2021 at 7 PM EST the UME Oleander Initiative will present the Hiroshima Peace and Resilience Project. We hope that our theme of moving forward during times of adversity will be inspirational during these difficult times.  Please Register HERE     […]

Hiroshima Peace and Resilience Project Viewing

We are proud and happy to begin 2021 by launching our newest initiative – The Hiroshima Peace and Resilience Project that we hope will widely impact communities and classrooms around the world in the absence of our in-person programs. We are excited to share our work with the UME community at an advance showing of this interactive […]

2020 Oleander Initiative Postponed

The 2020 Oleander Initiative has been postponed until 2021 because of COVID -19. All applications for the 2020 program will automatically be considered for the 2021 program. A call for applications for the 2021 will most likely be announced during the Spring of 2021.

2019 Activities Report

2019 Activities Report During the summer of 2019, UME implemented the fourth edition of the Oleander Initiative, bringing together educators from throughout the United States, six countries from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and for the first time, from South Korea to Hiroshima, Japan. The Oleander Initiative is UME’s flagship program that immerses educators in […]

2019 Oleander Program Report: Exploring the Complexity of Peace in Hiroshima

During August of this year, 13 educators gathered in Hiroshima, Japan for the fourth edition of UME’s groundbreaking Oleander Initiative program. Oleander educators arrived in Tokyo and were hosted at a warm opening dinner at Keio University, one of the leading universities in Japan. Keynote speakers included Shin Nomoto, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies who […]