Live Presentation of the Hiroshima Resilience Project on Feb 4h

Register for the Hiroshima Peace + Resilience Project: February 4 @ 7 PM EST

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On  Feb 4, 2021 at 7 PM EST the UME Oleander Initiative will present the Hiroshima Peace and Resilience Project. We hope that our theme of moving forward during times of adversity will be inspirational during these difficult times. 

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Original art and VR images from the Hiroshima Resilience Project 
The HPRP pairs live online presenters with CG renderings, AI colorized photos, virtual simulations, rare historical film footage, interactive polls and introspective activities to tell the extraordinary story of how Hiroshima rebuilt itself in the image of peace after the atomic bombing. 

6 year old Toshiko Tanaka

Throughout this journey, participants follow the story of Toshiko, a 6-year-old hibakusha (survivor) of the bombing. Through Toshiko, participants first experience what happened on August 6, 1945 and then join her and the resilient citizens of Hiroshima to heal, unite and rebuild their community into the beautiful “City of Peace” that inspires millions around the world today.

The HPRP presentation is approximately 60 mins long followed by a 10 min Q+A/  discussion session.

The HPRP is implemented in partnership with Peace Culture Village

We hope to see you on Feb 4! 


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