Project Implementation for the Class of 2016

Implementation of Peace Education Projects for the Class of 2016!


Earlier this year, Saleha implemented her “Oleander Peace Museum” project that brought the lessons of Hiroshima to over 200 students in Algeria.


Website of the Oleander Peace Museum

Over three years, Saleha faced stubborn administrative obstacles, complex logistics and funding challenges. However, Saleha was determined to make what she first envisioned in Hiroshima during the summer of 2016 a reality in her classroom in Algeria.


Saleha presenting her initial concept of her project at the Oleander Initiative in 2016

When the Oleander Peace Museum was finally implemented, Saleha helped make UME history. The class of 2016 achieved a 100{b626b4f252370bc3bae9802d4e808b917b8372dbb45057f1248187ad057fa0a2} implementation rate – the first time that every teacher attending a UME program successfully implemented their peace education activity in their home classrooms.

Oleander Class of 2016

Since 2016, the Oleander Initiative has impacted tens of thousands of students in the United States and the MENA region. Holding our programs in Hiroshima has been a breakthrough in our misson to promote intercultural understanding and peace. It inspires and motivates teachers like Saleha to impart the critical lessons of Hiroshima to young people who will shape the future of their communities – even if it takes years of effort to do so.

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