The University of the Middle East Project has two administrative offices: one in Cambridge, Massachusetts (U.S.) and one in Madrid, Spain (E.U.). Both offices report to the President and work with alumni in the MENA region, but otherwise they operate rather independently.

For matters related to partnerships, programs, or funding in the U.S. or directly in the Middle East and North Africa, including all matters related to the Teacher Education Institute, or any of its follow on programs such as the CEW, CPE, or TTW, or the UME alumni associations in the MENA region, please contact UME's office in the United States, under the direction of Mr. Ray Matsumiya.

For all matters related to programs and operations within Europe, including the IDEAmed Seminar, as well as past programs like the Institute for Sustainable Development, contact the Spanish office under the direction of Dr. Anne-Marie Codur.


University of the Middle East Project
45 Prospect Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

General Inquiries & Information



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